Although the transition from Postal letter to cell phones has gone through over the decades of a long interval. But shift from need to dire need covered in a very short and quick glimpse of time.

People are not ready to miss their cell phones for a bit of second. Such incredible affection projecting us on a center of health issues where we develop 500 holes in eyes like Chen.

500 Holes In Eyes of Taiwan Women

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A Taiwan woman – Developed 500 Holes In Her Eyes

A story of Taiwan women Chen who messed up her eyes because of her secret addictions of a mobile phone. Her story focused the attention of the world when both eyes damaged due to use of mobile phones on maximum high brightness.

The damage was so critical that there were 500 holes developed in her eyes. Reports stated that she used to turn up her screen to maximum brightness whenever she was outside and never turned it down.

So, It did n’t matter if she was under the blanket where you need little brightness, but hers was on full.

Chen case of 500 holes in her eyes was not an immediate upsurge of a problem, it resulted due to continuous projection on brighter screens.

It was for two years when she is creating trouble for herself with her irresponsible use of mobile phones on high brightness. But when it started hurting she took the help of medical treatment. A doctor found her left cornea clogged with blood and eyesight which was permanently damaged.

Her right eye worse than her left with 500 holes in the cornea.

She was given steroid treatment to bring improvement in her critical issue. As per the report, it is now showing some kind of improvement.

It is clear from the reports coming out to media that she had been exposing herself on 625 lumens which is exactly double as per recommended. Her eyes looked like baked in Microwave as per the statement of her doctors.

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Recommended Level Of Brightness

It is advisable to adjust brightness with surrounding to minimize eye problem. If your brightness is too high or low, it can damage your eyes.
So if you are a person who checks your phone 150 times a day then promptly sets this glazing routine in your schedule. otherwise, you can be next Chen.

It is blue lights emitted from our device can lead to muscular degeneration and can cause huge vision loss. Blue lights will not only harm visions but also able to create holes in the eyes.

Chen case of 500 holes in eyes shows the maximum penetration of blue lights.

The story of 500 holes in eyes shows this generation whose outreach slowly and gradually becoming a slave of this digital dynasty.

The rising eye problem around the globe is a sign of how we are compromising our health for some external benefits. Stay fit.

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