Dry skin is one of the common conditions that we see around us. Many of us experience dry skin in winter somewhere on our body. The condition may be noted by flaky patches and cracked skin. In the more severe cases, you may have itchy red patches. Basically, this condition is termed as Eczema.

Fortunately, many causes of dry skin are within our control. Moreover, with some extra efforts, we can prevent our skin from dryness.

Read on to learn the tips and tricks to deal with dry skin this winter season.

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What causes Dry Skin In Winter?

Causes Of Dry Skin

Here are 7 possible causes –

  1. Cold Or Dry Hair – As the cold air has less moisture it can be intensely drying.
  2. Hot Home – The forced–air system in your house is not only a source of heat but is a source of dryness as well.
  3. The Toasty Fire – The heat from the toasty fire can toast your skin.
  4. Hot Showers And Bath – A hot bath will definitely give you a great feel but it is actually very bad for your skin.
  5. Hot Drinks – On a cold winter’s day, everyone like warming up with a cup of hot coffee or a hot toddy. However, coffee has caffeine and caffeine cause dryness.
  6. Winter Clothing – The wool sweater you wear in winter may be cozy but it can cause irritation and leave you with dry skin.
  7. Sun – Besides summer, the sun is known to cause dryness in winter too.

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Skincare For Winter

Here are some simple tricks to deal with this irritating problem

  1. Choose The Right Moisturizer  – Go for the products containing ingredients like ceramides and dimethicone. These products will provide a good seal on your skin. Doctors suggest that the thick, greasy ointments such as petroleum jelly provide a strong barrier than creams and lotions.
  2. Apply Daily – According to Dermatologists, we should apply the moisturizer twice a day when conditions are ripe for dry skin.
  3. Shorten Shower Time And Lower The Temperature – Hot bath or showers can cause dryness so we should not keep them longer than 5 minutes. Moreover, we should use slightly warm water for this purpose.
  4. Avoid Harsh Soap – Basically, All the soaps are drying but alcohol-based cleansers and scented soaps can be especially irritating. Hence, We should opt for gentle cleansers that are labeled “Fragrance-Free”. Furthermore, Body washes are better than bar soaps as they tend to contain more moisturizing ingredients.
  5. Use A Humidifier – The indoor heating can suck the moisture out of your skin. Use of a humidifier can add it back.

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Home Remedies For Dry Skin On Face

Skincare For Winter


I know how much of a problem it is to manage dry skin in winter. No moisturizer or cream seems to work in the long run for skin issues. So, here I have brought some home remedies to deal with dry skin in winter.

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 Aloe Vera


What You Need

  • An Aloe Vera leaf

How To Use

  • Cut the aloe vera and extract the gel present inside it.
  • Apply this gel on your face and massage in it.
  • Leave the gel overnight.

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Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

What You Need

  • Coconut Oil

How To Use

  • Apply coconut oil on the dry areas and leave it on.

 Almond Oil

Sweet Almond Oil

What You Need

  • 4 tablespoons sweet almond oil
  • 2-3 drops of geranium essential oil

How To Use

  • Bring the almond oil into a sterilized glass bottle.
  • Add the geranium essential oil and shake the bottle.
  • Use the mixture in place of moisturizer.

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Mustard oil

Mustard Oil


What You Need

  • 1-2 drops mustard oil

How To Use

  • Lightly warm up the oil in between your fingertips and apply to the dry areas.
  • Leave it overnight


Vaseline For Dry Skin

What You Need

  • Vaseline

How To Use

  • Take a small amount of Vaseline jelly and massage the entire face.
  • For best result, Leave it on overnight.

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When It Is More Than Dry Skin

If your skin has become red, inflamed, irritated and a bit much itchy then it is the time to see a physician. In case the skin is cracked then it is likely to get infected. If that happens, Clean it with hydrogen peroxide and apply an antibiotic ointment. If it gets worse then, without any delay, see a physician. Sometimes oral medicines are needed.

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