To keep a fit and healthy body is nothing more than a challenge for these modern people who tangle around a sedentary lifestyle. In contrary to that demand of muscular body for men and hourglass figure for women is making them obsessed for. And unfortunately, we have a very wrong proposition that dieting makes a way to fit body.

Do you know you can also make your body fit without dieting?

How to Make Body Fit Without Dieting

Before coming to any conclusion we have to understand what a fit body means,

“A fit person who is capable of living to its fullest which means those who effectively and efficiently doing their work and leisure activities, have healthy health, resist illness, etc.“

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There are several Components Of Physical Fitness which we  have  to think about:

  1. Body strength – This will help you to lift and carry heavy weight. Without strength, a body will unable to keep up with the demands placed upon it.
  2. Body composition – Balance ratio of fat to muscle. It means a minimum fat and maximum lean mass is a sign of a healthy and fit body
  3. Muscular endurance – It is the ability of the body to remain active for a long period of time. Like, the ability to recover, have immunity to trauma wounds or fatigue.
  4. Cardiovascular fitness – It is an ability of supply of oxygen-rich blood to working tissue.
  5. Flexibility – It is the potential of the joints to move freely.

Exercise to be Added in Daily Schedule

Stretching exercise – It will help you to build flexibility and also to maintain endurance in muscle. i.e. spinal twist, knees to chest, Cat Stretch, Forward lung, hamstring (sitting and supine) etc.

Stretching Exercise

Aerobic exercise – Which will help you to supply oxygen-rich blood to working tissue. At least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise a week or 75 minutes. But 75 minutes only if your aerobic exercise is more intense.

Aerobic Exercise

Stretch Training – Stretch training at least two times of week it will help you to build muscle over time. For this, You can try chest press, use bicep curls, practice knee extension, etc.Stretch Training

Flexibility – For flexibility, you can try yoga and stretch every day.

flexibility exercise

A good intake of food is after all the best way to keep the body & immune system strong. You can add protein to your diet, get enough vegetable, eat fruits, choose whole grains, add dairy products. Take water in an abundant amount to keep your body hydrated.

Other than this, we have to take Sleep of 8 hours, stay away from smoking. We should incorporate walking into our daily Lifestyle.

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Why Not Dieting Only?

Suppose we are on dieting and doing nothing other than that, do we able to achieve a target of a fit body? Definitely not because we are missing many more components which required in a fit body. So basically dieting is for weight management and weight is not the only thing in a body. And Doing dieting can lead to several side effects like Hair loss, irritability, constipation, headache, etc. What we can do is maintain a good diet other than going for dieting!

Consider, one thing in mind that being fit is not one day turn out it develops over time and definitely dieting is not a solution to that. Only regular exercise, good intakes of food, better sleep will make the distant dream of the fit body come true.

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