Do you people know Vizag is called as the city of destiny and why?

If not yet then it is time to packing your bags and making a tour of Vizag. It will add one more beautiful experience in your life. 

I let you introduced a few stunning places of Vizag.

Why Is Vishakapatnam Called Vizag?

Why Visakhapatnam Is Called As Vizag

One of the main problem of Britishers that they can’t pronounce Indian name.  They used to call it as Vizagapatnam.  And in short use, they called it as Vizag.

Why Has Visakhapatnam Known As the City Of Destiny?

Why vizag Is Called As The City Of Destiny

Vishakapatnam is also known as the city of destiny because it has a topographic view and attractive beaches. When you visit here, you realize the feeling of heaven. There are various reason to say that Vishakapatnam is the city of destiny. Few facts represent that former vice-chancellor of Andhra Pradesh, Dr. CR Reddy credited this name to Vishakapatnam in the 1930s. Few argued that people here are from different ethnicity and travelers can visit here for multi purposes like hills, waterfalls, Industries, malls theatre etc.

Yarada Beach

Yarada beach

Yarada Beach is one of the most stunning beaches to see in Vizag. It is very popular in travellers & locals for a picnic destination. It surrounded by magnificent hills on three sides and way of the Bengals another one. Sunrise & sunset look stunning from the seashore. You must visit ones Yarada Beach if you are planning for Vizag. 

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Katiki Waterfalls

Katiki Waterfalls

The location of the Katiki Waterfall is picturesque. The chief source of this cascade is the Gosthani river, which is about 50 feet in height. For these reasons, it is one of the most attractive places for travelers who are fond of adventures.



Kailash Giri is a hill park located at a height of 360 ft. One of the most beautiful place for photographs and making your trip memorable. If you are making a  family trip, then there are a lot of things to do like Road trains for Children, Ropeway trolleys and playpark.

There are idols of Lord Shiva and Parvati that also attracts most of the Pilgrimage. Overall Kailashgiri is one of the best Visakhapatnam tourist places.  

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Borra Caves

Borror Caves

Borra caves are one of the largest caves in the country. Once you travel through the valley, the rocks and waterfall make you realize though as you reached in another world. Borra caves are one of the major tourist attraction near Vizag.

Submarine Museum

Submarine museum

The submarine museum is, established within “Submarine”, called INS Khurana. This museum is situated .at  Rushikonda Beach. This museum keeps on handling the warrior’s memories.  When you visit here, it will evoke a sense of patriotism. It is one of the best places to visit in Vishakapatnam.

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Matsyadarshini Aquarium

Matsyadarshini Aquarium

The municipal corporation of Vishakhapatnam started Matsdarshini aquarium house. They collected different species of aqua life like clownfish, Butterflies, damsels, lionfish, red squirrel fish and so many. A traveler can capture memories with different marine varieties and make their trip unforgettable.

Simhachalam Temple

Simhachlam Temple

Simhachalam Temple is one of the Narasimha temple situated on the  Simhachalam hill. The beauty of this magnificent Temple attracts huge pilgrims. Simhachalam temple is related to Utsava festivals. Simhachalam is one of the holy places for travelers.

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Indra Zoological Park

Indra Zoological park

Indra zoological park, established in 1977, is a home of more than 100 species. One enthusiastic place for those travelers who love wildlife. If you want to make your experience more thrill this place is waiting for you.

Delhi To Visakhapatnam

Delhi to vizag

The distance from Delhi to Vishakapatnam is only 1911 KM. One can use several modes of productions if one wants to reach there fast can take flight from Indra Gandhi Airport to Visakhapatnam International Airport. There are many trains on a daily basis.
Few train suggestions are mention below.
12808 Santa Express
12804 Visakhapatnam junction Swrn J express
12722 Dakshin Express

Hope you guys liked the little snippet of the city of destiny.


Anjali Yadav · February 22, 2019 at 3:19 am

Vizag is one of the most beautiful place in our south india no doubt…. I would like to say that must visit vizag… And you wrote simply well Mr. Vikram 🙂…
M also thankful to Miss Kusha Trivedi …AY

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